East German Spycraft On Display in Leipzig

ARCHIVISTS in Berlin are busy stitching together some 50 million pieces of paper that were shredded or torn up in the final frenzied days of the East German government to hide evidence of communist spying on their fellow citizens. You can visit the scene of the crime.

Colombia Claims Fame With Culture And Travel

Colombia can claim pop fame with singer Shakira and actress Sophia Vergara, both from Barranquilla, and actor/comedian John Leguizamo of Bogota. Barranquilla’s annual Carnaval is the world’s biggest after Rio de Janeiro and even rivals New Orleans.

Enemies Never Remain Forever

When I visited Tehran in 2008, the city was festooned with benevolent images of ayatollahs and mullahs. They communicated their messages on giant banners fluttering from light poles on the streets, proclaiming "Death to America."

A World Of James Bond At East German Spy HQ

The East German Ministry for State Security, popularly known as the dreaded Stasi, flourished during the Cold War. Its underground recruits used all sorts of ingenious technical devices in their trade to spy on real and imagined opponents of the regime.

Explore The Galilee In Northern Israel

In January I had an opportunity to explore some of the interesting sites in the long neglected northern part of the country, as part of a press trip sponsored by the American Jewish Press Association (AJPA) and hosted by EL AL and the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

Jewish Life In Persia Continues

I had an opportunity to investigate Jewish life in Iran four years ago, thanks to Thomas Steinmetz, chairman of the International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP) and publisher of eTurboNews.

Down Memory Lane In London’s Olympic Village

Another of my stomping grounds—Stratford, the once seedy and neglected London suburb where I began my journalism journey in the late fifties as a reporter on the now defunct weekly Stratford Express—has been dramatically transformed as the magnificent centerpiece for the Olympics. Amazing what you can do with a mere $1.6 billion.