Author: Ivor Davis

Mel Brooks Still Rocks in His 90s

NOW in his nineties, Melvin James Kaminsky bounces on stage as though fired by a cannon. He is neat, a little round and casual-smart in slightly baggy creased cream slacks, an open necked sky-blue shirt, and a red handkerchief peeping out the top pocket of his navy blue blazer.

Down Memory Lane In London’s Olympic Village

Another of my stomping grounds—Stratford, the once seedy and neglected London suburb where I began my journalism journey in the late fifties as a reporter on the now defunct weekly Stratford Express—has been dramatically transformed as the magnificent centerpiece for the Olympics. Amazing what you can do with a mere $1.6 billion.

Our Odyssey With Disney Wonder

Can't wait to file a report on a cruise with our entire family on the Disney Wonder, one of four ships of the Disney fleet. We sailed, we saw, and we survived with memories that will last a lifetime.