Blue Mosque Is One Of The Most Celebrated Mosques In The World

Sultan Ahmet Camii was completed in 1616. This magnificent structure is known far and wide as the Blue Mosque for the blue Iznik tiles that decorate the interior. Iznik, a lakeside town and former Byzantine capital, called Nicaea, was famous for the most superb ceramics in the Ottoman Empire. It is located in an historic area known as Sultanahmet, which was the center of ancient Constantinople.

Sultan Ahmet Camii, the Blue Mosque
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Courtyard is as big as the whole building
Washing before prayer takes place at taps ranged along the courtyard
Washing feet as well as face, mouth, neck and arms are an essential ritual before prayer
Take your shoes off at the entrance of the mosque
Ablutions Fountain in courtyard is just for show, no longer used for ritual washing